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December 10th, 7pm CST


January 7th – High Noon!
Who Is BioTropic Labs?

Who Is BioTropic Labs?

Who is BioTropic Labs? BioTrōpic serves athletes by giving you the ultimate edge in training for sports performance success. Engineered by leading world-class athletes and trainers with the focus of helping athletes to achieve their goals, there is no better sports...

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DTC 3 Demakes out Santiago In!

DTC 3 Demakes out Santiago In!

Mike Demakes Vs Sergio Soares has been cancelled. Due to weather and traveling issues, Mike Demakes is out and DTC Veteran Michael Santiago steps in on short notice to take his place and save the match! This will be a great match-up and we are looking forward to this...

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Prime Fight Promotions
Traditional Muay Thai Fights in Illinois & Indiana.
North American fighters testing their skills in the science OF EIGHT LIMBS.

Prime Fight Promotions works with amateur fighters and teams from across North America to promote traditional Muay Thai bouts.

We’re the premier resource for fighters to showcase their skills and bring them to the next level.


Your Spot for Sweeet Streams

Fightstreams.Live or FSL is a place for Martial Arts and Action based live stream events. One weekend its Muay Thai fights and the Next weekend its submission only grappling.

Dont Tap Championship

Don’t Tap Championship

What is Don’t Tap Championship?

Are you looking for the next challenge? Tired of sparring with the same fighters? Maybe you’re looking to get more •LIVE matches under your belt? Perhaps you are like us; seeking a new test of might…

Then welcome to Don’t Tap Championship, a local-submission-only Jiu-Jitsu program that is •Live streamed on a PPV(Pay-per-view) channel, broadcasting globally on-location from 3D MMA in Hanover Park, IL USA @ Fightstreams.Live