Grapple Gate Invitational

July 30th, 2022

Event Starts 3:00PM Pacific Time

Trevor Prangley’s AKA
10014 N Government Way,
Hayden, ID, 83835

Performance Trophies
MK-Ultra: Performance of the night
Tower – 7: Take down of the night
5-G-Tap-Out : Fastest Submission of the night

Grapple Gate Invitational is a professional Jiujitsu event where you can watch elite martial artists live. GGI is a professional invitational jiujitsu tournament series, utilizing ADCC regulation rules and EBI style Overtime. Check out our website for complete rules and information.

The men’s division is competing for grand prize of $1,000 and the GGI Championship Belt. Cash prizes for both second and third place.

The women’s division is competing for grand prize of $800 and the GGI Championship Belt.

Men’s 155 Pound Division

Men’s 155 LBS Bracket contains a total of 16 competitors grappling for $1000.
1. Carlos Morales
2. Andre Kim
3. Andrew Wygal
4. Luis Parga
5. Daniel Fenske
6. Jaymes Hyder
7. Hashir Azam
8. Jeremy Kennedy
9. Dakota Schnall
10. Coby Robinett
11. Jordan Wirth
12. Brian Sheard
13. Boyd Abernethy
14. Michael Mollers
15. Jordan Macy
16. Jose Mendez

Women’s 115 pound Division

Women’s 115 LBS division contains a total of 8 competitors grappling for $800.
1. Savannah Clements
2. Chelsea Cummings
3. Cristal Contreras
4. Stephanie Hernandez
5. Lauren Sears
6. Theresa Calloway
7. Kiaya Jackson
8. -Unconfirmed-

Grapple Gate Invitational

Along with special feature matches!

Melody Shrock Vs. Maylean Johnson
Akina Yamada Vs. Chelsea Diaz
Parker Estes vs. Anthony Gallette
Morgan Matuizek vs. Alan Acre
Aric Loehlein vs. Daniel Gadley