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Who Is VYBE?

Primarily focused on educating the masses on the benefits of CBD, this team recognized an opportunity to do so on a grand scale. Unfortunately, the energy drinks and sodas behind many of the endorsement opportunities fall short in the performance department. While the sugar and caffeine may provide an initial rush, a crash and ultimately a lack of focus and energy are sure to follow. Not an ideal recipe for someone providing entertainment to potentially millions of live viewers.

What Is VYBE Go Mix drinks?

VYBE wanted to provide athletes alike a healthier and more effective alternative, and Go Mix was the perfect partner for the solution. Utilizing Go Mix’s innovative packaging and formulation resources, the two brands teamed up to develop an energy drink in a category all its own. The outcome came to be known as VYBE Hustle.

What Is In VYBE drinks?

Using natural sources of caffeine and nootropics, users of Hustle can expect longer lasting energy and increases in cognitive focus and function, without the inclusion of the harmful sugars and chemicals found in many energy drinks. Consistent with VYBE’s goals, it also takes advantage of CBD’s many benefits. Those familiar with fast-paced or high stakes games are aware of the increases in anxiety that can come along with them. The incorporation of CBD aims to reduce these effects, helping streamers feel more calm and level-headed while playing.

The product truly sets itself apart however, through its innovation surrounding eye health. Any streamer or frequent gamer can attest to the strain on the eyes from over-exposure to screens and the blue light emitted from them. The formula helps combat this with it’s two key ingredients, Lutein and Zeaxanthin. Lutein, a carotenoid related to vitamin-A, has been evident in improving eye health and is known to improve or even prevent age-related macular disease. Zeaxanthin, perhaps even more notable, has been known to protect the eyes from the effects of oxidation and light-induced damage. Unlike the sugar-loaded energy drinks and sodas currently dominating the gamer market, this product is created specifically for the health and performance of its consumers.

Hustle will be offered in Go Mix’s patented, on-the-go pouch. Their “Just Add Water” concept allows users to enjoy the beverage conveniently after simply adding water and applying a quick shake. Go Mix will be utilizing it’s standard 10 oz pouch for the product, but is exploring new territory in regard to it’s boxing. With other product launches they have primarily packaged pouches in groups of 10-12, but have opted for a smaller, more conducive design this time around. Their new “6 Pack” was inspired by the dark, clean and polished lines of the modern computers and gaming consoles available today, and the outcome did not disappoint!

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As if the product itself weren’t enough, the duo has also enlisted the aid of Moby Dick Marketing to ensure a successful launch. Moby Dick is the driving force behind some of the world’s largest and most explosive brands. Their team incorporates extremely unique and modern tactics, utilizing the top social media influencers in the world, such as Logan Paul and Mr. Beast, to market the products of their clients. Knowing these details of Moby Dick’s strategy makes the partnership seem like a lock. After all, the intended market for this particular product is the exact people who will be marketing it to the public.

Although the streaming community may still be considered relatively new, its millions of engaging viewers easily rival and at times even exceed that of professional sporting events. Products created for those athletes, and those who strive to be like them, have existed for decades. Gatorade, for example, was formulated in 1965. It was made specifically to hydrate the University of Florida football team, eventually expanding to the internationally recognized brand we know today. Like Gatorade, this new beverage was developed for a definitive purpose. The measure of its impact is yet to be determined, but one thing is certain. VYBE Hustle will be shaking up the gaming industry.

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